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Think Big

Thinking big, out-of-the-box and on strategy has been BIG IDEA’s credo for over 35 years. We have pioneered integrating advertising, promotion, p.r. and other marketing disciplines into ideas that transcend the norm and achieve remarkable results. Revlon’s Salute to the U.S. Olympic Team was a seminal event. Swissôtel’s Parade of Saint Bernards, and Introducing Country to The Big Apple for GroupW – CBS are other examples of break-through campaigns that achieved or exceeded their goals.

The Art of Marketing

Marketing at its best is more art than science, though science empowers the art. Years of Business School lecturing and serving numerous clients large and small have honed our approach. We define “marketing” differently than most. The common interpretations confine marketing to communicating value through advertising, promotion and other forms of communication. As if to say: Here it is, go sell it.

As we see it, marketing is essential at the creation. Marketing’s value-added does not begin with selling a product or service…it is indispensible to creating a superior experience that fulfills a need. If the creation is on target, the subsequent selling is far easier. If not, far harder!

Dynamic Planning

The best businesses employ dynamic planning as a competitive weapon. For years BIG IDEA has been advising small and mid-size businesses on how to get the benefits of dynamic planning without expending lots of time, money and management resources. We can share this expertise with you and, if you like, lead the process with your senior team.

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