Marketing: Step 2 – Core-Centric Marketing

As mentioned in Marketing: Step 1 the “core” market, the seed, is the inner most central part of a product’s potential market. The seed analogy is apt, as this is where the growth and regenerative energy of a product’s customer base derive; thus, Core-Centric Marketing©. 

The concept is quite simple. Begin with the conversion of an “Inner Circle”, i.e. win over a core group as “prospects” and move them along the cycle to “customers”, then “loyalists” and finally “advocates”, all the while learning from them what they like, what they do not like and what they would like from the product experience. At the appropriate time in the conversion process, enlist their help to reach out and convert the next concentric circle. Continue the process of expansion to wider and wider circles. The energy or more aptly the leverage of Core-Centric Marketing© comes from the converts.

No better example of this method than in religion, i.e. apostles to missionaries to converts. You can find my rationale for this methodology in the FREE Download (click here to being download process) bottom of page 5 under the heading “What Follows”.

You will note that the process seamlessly integrates the essential needs of establishing a good relationship, receiving vital feedback so as to constantly improve the offering, creating exceptional experience with the intent of creating “word-of-mouth”, and expanding outward with the support and referral of each new circle.

My next post Marketing: Step 3 – The need for a bigger magnifying glass. 

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