Introducing COUNTRY to the Big Apple


In cable’s early days Group W Satellite Communications (soon to become CBS Cable) was a client. They were having trouble promoting The Nashville Network. Country music was popular everywhere but New York City, and New York was where all the big advertising agencies were located. The salesforce couldn’t get in the door of ad agency media departments. The Nashville Network had no cachet.

BIG IDEA proposed introducing Country to New York in dramatic fashion, with a star-studded concert at Radio City Music Hall; and do so to benefit the Tri-State United Way (The Big Apple’s premiere charity on whose board sat CEOs of the nation’s largest corporations). I knew that such an event would be “must-attend” for ad agency CEOs (their biggest clients were being honored). And, that would mean every ad agency media exec and buyer would not miss the event, instantly establishing The Nashville Network’s cachet and the saleforce’s credibility.

The Nashville Network got Ray Charles and other big names to perform. We worked on securing Radio City and the United Way; Group W put on a magnificent reception in the Music Hall Foyer. We were off to great success; Country arrived in The Big Apple and stayed.


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