Turning bad stories into “Good Stories”

For Intrawest Resorts

Intrawest asked me to devise a cure for a major customer relationship problem that had suddenly surfaced in 3 of their resorts. High value real estate buyers still had unfinished items months after close resulting in irate owners. Corporate HQ was unaware of any problem until the CEO received angry letters of complaint. “Bad stories” can be fatal in the resort business; they are notoriously difficult to turn around. After some weeks I realized the system we were devising as a cure would not only avoid bad stories in the future, but easily enabled the spreading of “good stories” or word-of-mouth, the most powerful force in marketing.


Intrawest then hired me to head Mktg. & Sales for their new Storied Places line of private residence clubs. I introduced the system as OnCall. 5 years later, with 500 owner/members in 4 resorts enrolled, OnCall increased owner Satisfaction from low 70’s to 99.3%. Loyalty jumped almost as much, low 70’s to 88%. And Referrals, which accrued large savings in marketing expenditures, more than doubled from an industry average 17% to 39%.

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