The Biggest Parade of Saint Bernard Dogs             Ever On Park Avenue

For Swissôtel

Swissôtel needed a “big Idea” to put their new Brussels hotel on the map. Big Idea Co. gave them one. It was so successful with the public, travel agents and staff that when they acquired The Drake hotel they asked for a repeat, only much bigger. Afterall, The Drake was located on New York’s Park Avenue!


26 St. Bernard dogs (including 6 adorable puppies), with Swissôtel bibs and brandy casks, were groomed in front of the hotel for passersby and the morning TV shows, then paraded down Park Avenue, helped by NYPD officers managing crowds and traffic. Travel agents took away framed photos posing with a St. Bernard for their office desk. The “happening” made every local TV news show, even national TV. The “icing on the cake” was the hotel’s employees were thrilled to be working for their really cool new employer Swissôtel.

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